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The ESG Ecosystem

Since articulating its Social Purpose in 2014, EFG Hermes has taken measured and consistent steps to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in every aspect of its operation and create an ecosystem that supports the fulfilment of the SDGs. This ecosystem incorporates internal and external elements all interconnected and working together in a holistic multidisciplinary approach in pursuit of the common good.

The internal elements involve developing a policy environment that addresses all ESG-related issues underpinned by a culture of transparency and disclosure and best practices in corporate governance. In parallel, we invest in our human capital to make sure that there is an in-depth understanding of the critical nature of ESG considerations. On an external level, we approach ESG issues on three levels, responsible investment, corporate social responsibility, and advocacy among our stakeholders.

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Meaningful progress towards realizing the Sustainable

Development Goals requires simultaneous effort on

several complementary fronts.