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As EFG Hermes continues to expand into new markets, we realize the importance of adapting our human resource processes at a faster pace. Our dedicated and skilled Human Resources team – which boasts seven SHRM Certified HR Professionals – works on a number of fronts to keep pace with growth and business expansion while simultaneously creating a welcoming and supportive work environment for the Firm’s employees.

Simultaneously, the HR team has fast-tracked digitization of key employee services to streamline HR functions and make things easier for employees in diverse locations. On another level, HR continues to fine-tune its flagship professional development programme, The Academy. Tailored training programmes on critical issues such as ESG integration are also offered to ensure that employee skills are consistently in tandem with evolving business needs.

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First Development Needs Assessment

The Firm’s inaugural Development Needs Assessment (DNA) Open House event took place in April 2019. This annual initiative invited all employees to speak to us about their, and/or their teams’, learning and development needs for the year. The event also incorporated short and informative smart sessions which covered various talent development topics. A total of 165 employees participated in this event.


We continuously adapt our processes to better support evolving business needs. Increased digitization of HR functions is a key part of this to effectively support an employee base spread over a wide global footprint.


We collaborate with local teams to understand the workings of each market and the cultural norms and develop localized policies and procedures that complement our core values and tenets. Teambuilding activities are also held to encourage a spirit of collaboration among teams in diverse locations.


We believe that providing personal growth opportunities through professional development programmes such as the courses offered by the Academy or specialized training on topics such as ESG is vital for longterm growth and value creation.

The Academy: Investing in Knowledge

EFG Hermes’ employees are the key drivers of the Firm’s success, and we pride ourselves on being able to promote from within our own talent pool. Their diligent work ethic and tireless dedication have built EFG Hermes into the regional powerhouse that it is today and capture new growth opportunities in emerging and frontier markets across the globe. Competition among financial institutions in the region is high. Our HR Department is responsible for ensuring that we remain a competitive employer in all of our markets through innovative ideas to attract, develop and retain talent at all levels of our operation.

The Academy, launched in 2018, is EFG Hermes’ flagship employee development platform. The Academy uses a blended learning approach that includes classes, workshops, discussions, reading circles, and on-the-job activities to deliver effective learning tailored to various stages of employees’ careers within the Firm. Each level of The Academy equips employees with the knowledge and competencies needed to lead positive transformations within their divisions, thrive in their careers, and shape the Firm’s future success. Currently, four levels are available. In 2019, 63 employees from Egypt, Kuwait, KSA, Oman and the UAE participated in The Academy courses.






Training hours

Foundation I

Foundation I targets analysts who have been in the Firm for more than one year. The programme is delivered over three parts

Foundation II

Foundation II targets associates who have been in the Firm for more than one year. The programme is be delivered over three parts.

Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

Participants in this programme are Directors with a proven ability to lead; they receive additional support in learning how to identify medium- and long-term business opportunities, manage challenges, and motivate employees to achieve their full

Emerging Leaders II

  • The higest-level course in The Academy, this course focuses on planning and executing strategies at the departmental level, managing risk, effectively allocating tasks and resources, and fostering a collaborative team spirit.
  • Using The Leadership Experience (TLE), a cutting edge simulation, participants are launched into the future to encounter the critical events that leaders say have shaped their careers, while experiencing leading in ambiguity.
  • By facing these challenges in a controlled simulation environment and developing strategies to deal with them, participants are better prepared to apply their learning in the workplace. It also provides an opportunity to explore new approaches that will result in more productive behaviors. • Participants are asked to wear Heart Rate Variance (HRV) monitors throughout the simulation in order to understand their personal response to stress and their mental capacity to perform under pressure. Participants are selected based on a competitive assessment.
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A Global Outlook

Now that EFG Hermes has a footprint in 13 countries, the team has become increasingly multicultural. One of the key areas that has seen extensive focus from HR is the need to understand the different norms, cultures and regulations in diverse geographic locations across four continents. The HR team has made a remarkable effort to review and enhance policies and procedures to reflect both the unique aspects of different geographies and the core tenets of EFG Hermes’ identity. Teambuilding events and exercises as well as localized onboarding packages have also been developed to encourage a sense of ownership and inclusion

At EFG Hermes we celebrate individuality and encourage those who have a passion for their work, as well as activities away from their desks. Short segments and stories are broadcast on the Firm’s social media to introduce team members in different locations, promote inclusion and ownership, and celebrate the benefits of a multicultural and diverse working environment.

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Wambui Mimano, Avid adventurer & IT Operations Engineer, Kenya Office

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Hala Salib, Passionate YWCA Volunteer & Project Director, EFG Hermes Foundation

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Joram Ongura, Muammar Ismaily, Environmental Activists & Associate VP -Trading Desk & Reserach, Kenya Office

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Ahmed Moussa, Desert Explorer & Sustainability Officer, Egypt HQ